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This service offers a speaking engagement with an established theme or message that sets the “key” for an event such as a conference, symposium, convention, and exposition. These two services also offer a speech or introduction for a specific event such as presenting an award, motivating a group of individuals about a unique topic, and the sharing of information.  

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With this service, workshop will be created and presented to groups of individuals in order to engage them in a specific issue or topic, or convey information. Examples of workshops and trainings include gender, race, class, sexuality, religion, and other social issues. Other topics can include lifestyle coaching for topics centered on motherhood, hygiene, friendships, empowerment, family, and mental health.


With this service, the opportunity of keeping guest engaged and entertained is offered. Guest as kept focused on the service being hosted such as a panel discussion, party, fashion show, or dinner. It includes the transparent and honest communication of information, opinions, and experiences about the specific topic(s) or questions being asked or asked.


This service is for the planning of events such as baby showers, receptions, dinner parties, speaking engagements, panels, and workshops.


Branding/Public Relations: This service includes the exchange of goods/products related to your brand which will be marketed through all social media platforms with the intent to build your content or brand.

All services do not cost and can be discussed in further detail by email. See contact section. 

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