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100 Ways for Fat Femmes to Give 0 Fucks This Summer

Please note that all of these non-fucks are based on the stories I’ve heard and my experiences with fatphobia, so they are subjective. This list is not intended to belittle nonfat people, but to instead, empower fat bodied people to live freely and unapologetically this summer. Everyone should feel good about themselves no matter what their size is. Body shaming of anyone of any size is basic and lame as fuck.

1. Go back for 3rd’s (because we are definitely doing seconds) at the BBQ.

2. Twerk in the club whether they are clapping for you or hating on you.

3. Wear a two piece.

4. Sit on their face; if they die, they die.

5. Make the person you’re dating take you out in public.

6. Wear white at the top; don’t hide your weight.

7. Wear that crop top you’ve been eyeing.

8. Keep the lights on during intercourse. They gone see this body.

9. Take more trips to amusement parks.

10. Demand that the person you’re dating grabs your rolls.

11. Charge them if they are fetishizing your fat body.

12. Post (more) full body pictures.

13. Post DM screenshots of the “chubby chasers” in your inbox who pretend like they not big girl friendly in public.

14. You don’t have to text back either

15. Don’t apologize for the space you take up.

16. Leave anyone who cannot appreciate your body.

17. Take all your clothes off during intercourse.

18. Make that person lift up the FUPA to eat the cat.

19. Post liberating nudes.

20. Sit next to people on the bus; you’re not obligated to stand

21. Throw away that girdle.

22. Tell that person you don’t feel like riding anymore.

23. Send those nudes.

24. Charge people to explain anything about fatness.

25. Devour food like an animal on the first date.

26. Don’t hide your cellulite.

27. Call out that secretive chubby chaser.

28. If they laugh at your body, talk about their momma.

29. Be loud and fat unapologetically in all spaces.

30. Fuck your diet, Becky.

31. Look at yourself in the mirror daily.

32. Wear shorts

33. Don’t allow the people you’re dating to make you their automatic chef.

34. Have sex with that person and then make them leave.

35. Agree with skinny women who say “I’m (getting) fat.” It’s not your job to coddle their insecurities.

36. Show off your stretch marks.

37. Twerk in the middle of the street.

38. Talk about Aunt Mae’s cheating husband when she says “you’ve gained weight” during the family gathering.

39. Give the finger to any person who stares at your body with disgust.

40. Fuck what anyone says. You can pull everything off.

41. Talk proudly about yourself to others.

42. Talk proudly about yourself to yourself.

43. Refrain from people who hang around you to feel good about themselves.

44. Don’t let anyone call you the “fat” friend.

45. Wear that sundress even if your fat giggles.

46. Don’t let your doctors tell you all your health issues are about your weight. I have a cold Dr. Lewis

47. Don’t apologize when you bump into someone.

48. Tell them you’re fat, not ugly.

49. Say “fat” to make people uncomfortable and confront their fatphobia.

50. Take up space.

51. Shoot your shot. Don’t wait for them.

52. Don’t contour your fat cheeks away.

53. Let your belly hang out.

54. Validate your own body.

55. Don’t shop for accessories and shoes at boutiques that don’t carry your clothes size.

56. Join fat positive movements.

57. Eat multiple popsicles in a day.

58. Demand that your body is not a threat.

59. Tell them to fuck their preferences.

60. Post videos of yourself twerking.

61. Treat a lame like a lame.

62. Stretch out those leggings.

63. Smile, smirk, and switch your hips when you notice someone starring for too long.

64. Shut down any fatphobic rhetoric.

65. Gas a fat young girl up and make her feel confident about herself.

66. Wear bright and loud colors.

67. Stay determined to reach your goals.

68. Runway walk through malls, airports, and beaches.

69. Date a fatphobic person’s parent and become their step-parent.

70. Surround yourself with friends who gas you up and make you feel good about your body.

71. Tell them you don’t want any of them when they try to hook you up with the ugly friend.

72. Post pictures with your tongue out.

73. Dance like no one is watching.

74. Tell your doctor to document everything they tell you about your body.

75. Celebrate both your small and large victories.

76. Get out of the bed and slay.

77. Wear lingerie

78. Walk into stores you know don’t carry your size, but never buy anything.

79. Block and report fatphobia on social media.

80. Make love to yourself.

81. Walk around your home naked.

82. Write nice things about yourself.

83. Download an affirmation app.

84. Partake in a professional nude photoshoot.

85. Watch porn.

86. Create porn.

87. Watch videos of yourself.

88. Delete fatphobic people from your personal life: Family members, partners, friends.

89. Walk around your friends naked.

90. Delete fatphobic people from all social media.

91. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

92. FaceTime your friends while naked.

93. Go tanning, naked on the beach.

94. Verbalize your dislike for fatphobia.

95. Wear swimsuits that are not high-waisted.

96. Go braless.

97. Wear pants that aren’t high-waisted just as much as high-waisted ones.

98. Twerk like no one is watching.

99. Do yoga naked.

100. Purchase a full body mirror

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