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DATT created Tala Mondays as a way to discuss and demonstrate how social constructions shape the ways people engage with others, are effected by specific situations and are impacted by different issues. A diverse group of people from the community meet bi-weekly to discuss controversial topics such as gender in the workplace, fatphobia, transphobia, colorism, gender and race gaps, homelessness, women in media, and family trauma. These community members come together in a safe space to speak out about the things they're experiencing. The goal is for everyone  to feel unapologetically confident about who they are and to be validated. 

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Bags of love is an initiative that focuses on the societal epidemic of homelessness. Members of DATT reach out to community members, other organizations, local businesses, and large businesses. DATT asks them to donate toiletry items, nonperishable snacks, and clothing items such as socks, hats, scarves, and gloves. After the Holidays, we gather all the items equally in large bags and spend the day dropping them off to shelters and/or people we see in need during transport. The intent is to not only give them essential items for survival, but to also sit and have small conversations with them if they are comfortable doing so. DATT believes in first offering information about themselves, for example their name, occupation, and background and then asking the person in need about their situation. The information received is used to create dialogue on how we can create a solution to homelessness. 

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